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Danny Earl (9)
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At Ojee we strategically looked to identify and solve a critical problem for golfers which had not previously been addressed using digital technologies.

How you set up and address the ball is fundamental to every golfer’s game, from beginners to professionals. However, teaching, learning and replicating the optimum set up for golfing success has previously relied upon basic unreliable methods which cannot be quantified or accurately replicated. For example, relying on ‘feel’, looking in a mirror and video analysis.

We have developed a revolutionary new training aid that gives you real-time visual feedback on your angles of address. Talon acts a little like a digital spirit level for your set-up, it’s a digital display unit that easily attaches to the grip of any golf club in your bag and using patented technology, it measures and clearly displays four critical angles of address:

  • Spine angle
  • Club shaft angle
  • Club shaft to spine angle (Ojee Angle® or DIF°)
  • Rotation angle of the club face