Guisborough Town DNA

Our mission is to develop, motivate and retain the best natural talent by providing the best possible experience

We welcome the potential and provide the opportunity, throughout the technical, tactical, physical and psychological development programme

To develop young people who possess outstanding personal skills and qualities

We aim for each Guisborough Town graduate to be

// Technically excellent

// Mentally strong

// Confident

// An excellent decision maker

// Eager to learn

// Easy to coach

To develop independent, strong minded, balanced individuals, who are a credit to us as people… and who develop a long standing affinity to our football club

// Players play with pride, passion, perseverance and professionalism

// We continually aspire to improve and grow

// Players and parents have a clear visibility of their targets at all age groups

// Every player is important and has potential – they fee special and valued

// We are a team, with one goal

// Player development is everything

// Learning is always fun and varied

// We provide support for each player’s development

// Standards are consistently high

// We create excellent people as well as excellent footballers

// Build on technique, skill, decision making and positional awareness


// Consistent understanding of technical/tactical responsibility

// Positional awareness developed, along with decision making through a range of positions

// Development of technical/tactical understanding

// Focus on ball mastery/enjoying the game and mastering physical movement


// Foundation work – fun….damentals


// Learning to train

// Master the skills

// Deliberate practice

// Express creativity

// Enjoy every minute


// Love to play

// Technically sound

// Physical movement

// 1 v 1 solo artists

// Adapt and learn

// No fear


// Learning to train

// Master the skills

// Deliberate practice

// Express creativity

// Enjoy every minute


// Working in units

// Transfer skills to bigger pitch

// Appreciation of space

// Tactically developing

// Creating space


// Training to win

// Positive understanding

// Individuals becoming team players

// Team principles, roles and responsibilities

// Personal development


// Technical excellence

// Technically proficient

// Tactically consistent

// Mentally strong and confident

// Cope with success and failure on and off the pitch


There is a core that runs through our club

Without it’s like not serving beer in a pub

In our sessions these four points will help

Improve our kids and improve ourselves

Confident decision making is key

If you want to maximise ability

Create an environment where the kids feel free

To make their own decisions and see what may be.

Objectives and challenges are thrown at us everyday

Being out of our comfort zone is the best way

So set strugglers, copers and strivers with individual tasks

And then sit back and relax as your team scores and attacks.

Realistic scenarios work wonders for a kid

Unlike the old lady over the road singing for Real Madrid

When coaching a session ask “Does it look like a game”

Always answer “YES”, that is our aim.

Enjoyable experiences for every lad

Don’t ever let a kid leave a session sad

Smiling and laughing with your team

Can help create the stuff of dreams.

These are the fundamentals in a learning environment where kids can flourish and great memories can be shared

// Aggressive and energetic out of possession

// Incisive, brave, possession based football in possession

// Successful decision making in transition – can we counter quickly? Do we retain and build patiently

// Be organised

// Be supportive, give information when needed and try not to commentate

// Be enthusiastic and positive

// Give responsibility – encourage decision makers