Jamie Davis Q&A

Q: What was your reason for joining Guisborough Town?

JD: Management were really eager to get me on board and the club has a really good set-up.

Q: What’s your favourite playing position?

JD: Would have to be in the 10 role… get the freedom to express yourself.

Q: What’s your favourite Northern League ground (excluding the KGV)?

JD: Bishops…it’s immaculate.

Q: What is your favourite Guisborugh Town moment?

JD: Eventually being able to play after the long wait to be signed 😂.

Q: Which of the current squad would make:

a) Prime Minister?

JD: Tommy Marron…everything by the book 😂😂.

b) A Superhero?

JD: Mason [McNeill]…already got the physique of one.

c) Best Stand-up Comic?

JD: Closey [Brian Close]…dark horse when it comes to laughter…always knocking a joke or two out.

Q: What’s the best advice you could give to a Guisborough Town junior player?

JD: Always work to your maximum and leave everything on the pitch.

Q: Who is the best player you have played with?

JD: Too hard to say…been that many.

Q: Who is the best player you have played against?

JD: Too hard to say…been that many.

Q: Who is the funniest in the Guisborough dressing room?

JD: I’d go for little Jimmy [Ward] 😂😂.

Q: Who is the best dancer in the Guisborough dressing room?

JD: Not really seen any of them dance to be honest but will go for Dylan [McAvoy].

Q: Who is the worst dressed at the Club?

JD: Mr Coleman…just picked you mate 😂😂.

Q: Describe the gaffer in three words.

JD: One the lads.

Q: Which realistic signing should the Club make this summer?

JD: Would all depend on who is available but no one coild be dissapointed singing for Guisborough.

Q: Who is your footballing hero?

JD: Xavi/Rooney/Henry.

Q: If you were thirsty and needed a pint which member of the Club would you go to first?

JD: Jimmy Ward or Gary the gaffer 😂.

Q: Which current player is the laziest?

JD: Robbo….just coz I know he will bite 😂😂.

Q: Which player would last the longest in the ring with Tyson Fury?

JD: Definatley not me 😂. I’d go for Brian [Close]…big unit Bri 💪.

Q: Who in the dressing room hate losing the most?

JD: Everyone to be honest…don’t take part to lose.

Q: Who in the dressing room loves winning the most?

JD: Everyone…can’t beat that winning feeling.

Q: Which player spends the longest in front of the mirror before a game?

JD: Definatley Mason [McNeill] 😂😂.

Q: Who’s the longest in the shower?

JD: Josh [Rowbotham]…loves a good scrub 😂.

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