CF Test

Step 1: complete and submit the form below

    Step 2: Log on to your online banking and setup a monthly Standing Order using the details below

    Name: Guisborough Town Football Club
    Sort Code: 40-33-01
    Account Number: 03998665
    Reference: “50Fifty ” plus your e-mail address up to the “@” symbol, for example our reference would be “50Fifty 50Fifty”.

    The amount needs to be in multiples of 5, depending on the number of entries you want. So, one number is 5, for two numbers it will be 10, etc. The payment should be made on the first of each month.

    Alternatively, if you wish, you can request a Standing Order Mandate Form from us. Simply fill it in and return the top part to us and the bottom part to your bank or building society.